How do you choose the right person to "do" your wedding?


Finding the right person to officiate at your wedding can be a daunting task.
How do you choose?
What do you look for?

On your wedding day, when you're standing in front of family and friends, facing each other for the most important event in your lives, you WILL be nervous!

For this special moment, you want someone that you trust and feel good about, as the wedding ceremony is such a powerful and deeply personal event. When you and your fiancé are standing face to face and gazing into each other's eyes, about to make the most powerful and intimate vows you will ever share, you will be experiencing a moment of matchless emotion. In such a sacred moment, the person presiding makes all the difference.

There is a lot riding on your choice of Marriage Officer, as your ceremony will be performed just once, live. In front of family and friends and forever captured by cameras and videos.

A great Marriage Officer is a human relations professional, trained in ministry as well as officiating. Professional Marriage Officers have advanced training. A Marriage Officer is trained to effectively handle all variety of people and situations, particularly in high-emotion, highly-charged contexts - like your wedding ceremony :)

The effective Marriage Officer not only officiates your wedding ceremony but is sensitive and responsive to the emotional climate that can make or break your wedding ceremony.

There is no substitute for Experience, to bring assurance to brides and grooms that they’re in good hands. I bring 15 years of experience to your wedding. As an experienced Marriage Officer, you will find me to be clear, usually concise, nothing left to chance, detailed and organised. You will also find me to be calm and unflappable, sensitive to feelings, a Marriage Officer who works for solutions that everybody can be happy with, not dry or boring, but engaging and bringing energy and life to the ceremony.

I enjoy people and enjoy performing wedding ceremonies - the magic, the romance, the tears of joy, the laughter, the life, the power of the moment. Most of all, the celebration of love. I do not preach or lecture on religion uninvited. My manner with people is simply caring, calming and comforting. I will remain focused on assisting by providing as much service, advice or guidance as desired.

Your wedding ceremony is the most important event in your life. To be your Marriage Officer on such an occasion is both exhilarating and humbling. It would be an honour for me to be the one who pronounces you husband and wife at your wedding ceremony, and it would be my privilege to introduce you to your adoring family and friends following that memorable wedding ceremony kiss!

An economical wedding officiant may save you money, but lack experience or the skills of a trained professional Marriage Officer, who saves you worry but probably costs more. As with anything else you get what you pay for. Think about it. The officiant can make or break your ceremony. An uncaring or unprofessional officiant can sometimes spoil the whole day. Even so, when it comes to finding an officiant, most couples simply focus on two things:
* Are you available on our date?
* How much is your fee?

Regarding the issue of price, keep your perspective. Think about the total cost of your wedding. If you save a few hundred rand on your officiant by shopping around, how significant will that be? Not all officiants are created equal.

No two wedding ceremonies are quite the same. What works in one can be most inappropriate in another. As a Marriage Officer, knowing when to speak and when to remain silent, what to say and do (or not do) to nurture the moment - *YOUR* moment - is the product of preparation, sensitivity, awareness, discernment, timing, intuitive understanding, and knowing people.

Officiating weddings is more than reciting words and making pronouncements. Weddings are about people. And the experience and professional Ministry training in dealing with a variety of people - wedding couples, families, future in-laws, - particularly at a time of such heightened feelings as a wedding, is essential to the success of your wedding. Weddings are, in fact, moments of crisis (mostly positive crisis, happily) that demand special sensitivity and intuition from your Marriage Officer.

My philosophy is that every couple should be able to have the wedding of their dreams, whatever that may be. I try to do whatever I can to help each couple have their wedding exactly the way they want it.

So whether your wedding is elegant or casual, formal or informal, church or home wedding, or whether it is your first or second marriage, If I may be of service, please contact me to reserve your date. I would love to help you create the wedding day of your dreams!