For the reception, how about not having the "Main Table"? If your layout will accommodate it, have two extra chairs at each guest table. This will allow the bride and groom to enjoy the reception with friends and family by moving between tables - and spending time with different people. Have your starters at table one, speeches at table two, main course at table three, working your way around the room.

If your significant other is not a ring-wearing person, how about having a ring tattooed on his finger? Actually, a matching pair of tattoos for both of you would be quite different!

If you absolutely must have children at your wedding, why not hire a babysitter or two to look after them in a separate room / area at the venue? Catering for them is then easy - and inexpensive - And your photographer can even get a few shots of the kids to send to their parents later !

In summer, if it's an outdoor wedding, consider dispensing with traditional sit-down fare and have lamb on the spit - it's cost-effective, very tasty, and, well, different! But don't forget, it can be messy.

How about getting everyone in the Bridal Party their own customised T-shirts?

Have fun. Smile. It's a happy day after all !