Are you a Marriage Officer?

Although many people are registered to perform weddings, very few can competently and responsibly perform an exceptional wedding ceremony that will provide joyous memories for the bride and groom. It takes a high level of skill and technique to prepare and conduct an outstanding wedding ceremony. Acquiring the knowledge, skills and techniques of an outstanding marriage officer (without guidance and support) usually takes several years of trial and error, and disappointed couples! Many aspiring marriage officers become discouraged and "drop out" of the profession.

If you want to become a competent and professional marriage officer, our training courses provide everything you will need. Brides and grooms truly appreciate the professionalism and customised "personal touch" that our graduates demonstrate every time they perform a ceremony. There's nothing that compares to the satisfaction you'll experience by performing a wonderful wedding ceremony on a couple's very special day!

However, performing a ceremony without the proper training, preparation and effort can result in an embarrassing experience that not only will disappoint the bride, groom and their guests, but will lessen your chances of getting any subsequent referral business. We firmly believe that every couple deserves a fantastic wedding day, and doing a professional and competent job as a marriage officer is a good start.

You'll learn everything you need to know in our comprehensive courses. Years of experience gives us first-hand knowledge of what makes a great marriage officer. At the end of the first intensive course you'll be prepared and confident to perform your first solo ceremony!

Our Training Programs train you for the practicalities of delivering the best wedding day experience. On successful completion of the basic course, we provide you with a certificate of completion of the basic marriage officer course. If you elect to do the advanced course, on successful completion you will receive a certificate certifying you as a professional marriage officer. The advanced course requires an examination to be written with a pass mark of 80%.

The basic course costs R4000 and includes :

  • Basic public speaking,
  • Legal and administrative requirements for South African weddings,
  • Legal and administrative requirements for foreigner's weddings,
  • Understanding the basic ceremony types,
  • How to do a rehearsal,
  • Your pre-ceremony responsibilities,
  • Your post-ceremony responsibilities,
  • Ceremony presentation.

The advanced course costs R5000 (you must first have completed the basic course) and includes :

  • Basic wedding coordination,
  • Working with other wedding professionals and service providers,
  • Learning various wedding traditions, rituals, and ceremonies,
  • Creating a personalised, non-denominational ceremony,
  • Anticipating and preparing for unpredictable situations,
  • Second marriages and vow renewals,
  • Answering questions confidently,
  • How to attract clients and book weddings,
  • Extras that make a difference!
  • Officiating the ceremony (You will prepare and actually conduct a practice ceremony).

Courses are held in Cape Town on an ad hoc basis. the basic course is one full day, and the advanced course is two to three days. We are currently working on offering the basic course online at a reduced rate, and hope to have this available soon.

Please note that we do NOT register you with Home Affairs. You MUST first register to do the marriage officer exam with Home Affairs via your church or other organisation.

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