From the time you say "I will" to the time you say "I do", you will be facing all sorts of pressures. The mixture of emotions and excitement will spin your head and cause butterflies in your stomach. The pressure and stress will be immense, caused by: Money. Love. Family. The Future.

It's well known that half of married couples contemplate divorce at some stage. To succeed in your marriage, you need to be part of the other 50%. The ingredients of a successful marriage are no secret, and when practiced well, will reward you and your partner with a long life filled with smiles, comfort, and joy.

My role here is to help you gain perspective in this hectic time, and show you some simple ways to overcome the unique challenges that you as a couple may face.

Pre-marriage counselling plays an important role in building healthy marriages. Many marriage studies have shown that pre-marriage counselling helps reduce the likelyhood of divorce.

Couples who attend pre-marriage counselling classes are able to better overcome challenges and difficulties. Pre-marriage counselling sessions create an awareness of marital issues and problems that might occur in a marital relationship. Pre-marriage counselling also assists people in determining if they are fully ready for marriage. Counselling sessions range from one to two or more meetings to relatively long discussions.

Religious marriage counselling provides spiritual as well as psychological resources to improve communication among couples. These counselling programs are designed to assist the couple in building a biblical understanding and foundation for their married life.

Non-religious marriage counselling also provides spiritual as well as psychological resources to improve communication among couples, but more emphasis is placed on common sense.

Both types of counselling generally cover topics such as identifying strength and growth areas, developing conflict resolution skills, intimacy and sexuality issues, values and beliefs, setting up family goals, personality types, family origin issues, role relationships, communication skills, marriage expectations, children and parenting issues, and financial issues.

Of course if you are already married and are facing issues that threaten your marriage, marriage counselling can be of great benefit.

Pre-marriage counselling can be included in your wedding package at reasonable rates. Just ask.

Post-marriage counselling is done at R300 per hour.