Nobody wants to think about death. Yet in all life, death is a certainty. Dying concludes our journey on this earth. Some people want a sombre, serious funeral, while others would rather have a Celebration of Life.

While the sadness surrounding losing a loved one can make it difficult, planning a Celebration of Life may help us when we are mourning. That's probably why this type of event has gained in popularity over the years, often replacing a traditional funeral service.

This service is all about remembering the departed as he or she was in life. If the person was a fun-loving, outgoing extrovert - and hated depressing stuff, you could request that guests come in casual clothes and have a party. If your family is more traditional or conservative, a more subdued funeral with guests dressed in black may be more appropriate.

If you want a less sombre occasion where friends and family can get together over a few drinks, maybe I am the right officiant for you.

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