A vow renewal is a ceremony in which an already-married couple re-affirms their love for one another and their commitment to their marriage by either repeating their original wedding vows or by making new vows.

Many times, a renewal is held on a significant anniversary as part of the anniversary celebration, or it may be held at the end of a hard time in the marriage, the overcoming of a personal hurdle, a change in lifestyle, etc.

Another reason for renewing vows would be to have a formal ceremony following a civil ceremony. This would be a great opportunity to have the couple's commitment to one another blessed and/or witnessed and celebrated by their family and friends - usually not possible when budget, pregnancy or other circumstances dictated a civil wedding.

Because a vow renewal is not a legal ceremony, there are fewer do's and don'ts than in a wedding ceremony. A couple may have a vow renewal ceremony any time after their wedding - however, some common sense should be followed. After all, this ceremony is supposed to be somewhat of an anniversary present, a recommitment to each other, from the couple to themselves or a blessing of a marriage by the church.

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Here are some tips from Donna Ennis, editor of an online vow renewal guide, aptly named "I Do Take Two"

A Vow Renewal Is Not a Second Wedding

A second wedding is what one has after a divorce. So, the vow renewal should not mirror a wedding for it is most often viewed negatively. Yet, the married couple may include elements of a wedding and have more freedom to change traditional wedding elements.

Before the ceremony

No Bachelor or bachelorette party. A last night of freedom as a single person isn't acceptable; you are married. No showers. Originally, this was meant to shower the young bride with items she may need to begin her married life. As a wife, this isn't appropriate.

Attendants are not part of a vow renewal unless you are recreating your wedding. Although, children and grandchildren often walk with the wife and stand with the couple.

Plan well because this is an event the couple typically hosts; parents are not usually financially involved.

  • Create new elements that suit a married couple.
  • Involve your children and other family members.
  • Write custom vows and/or exchange new rings.
  • Include a special bouquet.
  • Wear any colour you wish, including a white dress.

What About Gifts?

A vow renewal is not considered a gift giving situation, except for milestone anniversaries. So to register or mention gifts conveys that this is all about gifts and not about your reaffirmation of love. If your vow renewal is for a benchmark anniversary, many may want to give a gift. So, it is now viewed appropriate to write, "No gifts" on the vow renewal invitation, which is not acceptable for wedding invitations.

Let's Party

One of the most asked questions is whether or not a married couple may have a reception following their vow renewal. The answer is, yes! This party can be very close to a wedding reception in appearance. Although, remember you are already a married couple.