For the couple who want a straightforward non-religious wedding ceremony with some of the traditional components. I will prepare your ceremony with your input. It will include the vows and ring exchange, and normally takes about 15 - 20 minutes.

The wedding can take place virtually anywhere you would like!

A preliminary meeting is important, where you - as a couple - come and spend an hour with me to discuss your requirements, and where we can get to know each other. Basic elements of the ceremony include an introduction, a brief oration about marriage, exchange of vows, giving of rings, and pronouncement of marriage.

Includes limited email and telephone consultation.

Starting at R2200 (Monday - Thursday), R2800 (Friday and Saturday), or R3200 (Sundays and public holidays) + travel (see Booking Form for travel costs).

Please note : I am NOT registered with Home Affairs anymore, so I cannot provide a legal marriage certificate.