So you're both of legal age, you are in love and want to tie the knot. Only problem is you can't do it at home for whatever reason. Maybe you want to combine a holiday to Cape Town with getting married?

Ideal for the couple that wants a quick, private wedding ceremony. This is a simple ceremony performed at almost any convenient venue. No preliminary meetings or rehearsal required. I will create a ceremony that suits the two of you. Exchanging vows and rings, pronouncement of marriage, and filing of marriage documents at Home Affairs. I issue a South African Marriage Certificate to you on the day. Religious or non-religious.

Any day (or night) ... by appointment.

Includes limited email and telephone consultation.

Starting at R2200 (Monday - Thursday), R2800 (Friday and Saturday), or R3200 (Sundays and public holidays) + travel (see Booking Form for travel costs).