"I'm Getting married on the beach!"

Sounds romantic, right?

Er, no. Not if you haven't prepared for it. Getting married on a beach can be spectacularly different and fun, but could also be a disaster. Cape Town beaches are renowned for their beauty and cleanliness, and a beach wedding here could be exactly what you want. Some of the things to be aware of though, are:

  • If you have more than 20 guests, you will probably need a permit.
  • Cape Town can be windy. Windy beaches are not fun. Pick your date carefully.
  • Beware of the tide. Before picking a time, check if the tide will be in or out.
  • Waves make noise! (Incoming tides are noisier than outgoing tides).
  • Check what time the sun sets. If you are on a west-facing beach, it'll be later than an east-facing beach.
  • You need a plan 'b' if the weather turns foul.
  • Accessability. Some beaches are quite difficult to get to - especially for older guests.
  • Not everyone will thank you for getting sand in their shoes.
  • Shadecloth or canopies may avoid you or the guests getting sunstroke.
  • Photographers can sometimes struggle with the glare.
  • Guests will probably have to stand. Unless you hire beach chairs ...
  • It's a wide open (public) space, so music probably won't work too well.
  • Ditto for PA systems - if the wind is blowing a bit, people may not hear everything.
  • Most beaches have toilets at some point, but they might be too far (or too close).
  • People often let their dogs run on beaches ...

Having said all that, most of the time beach weddings go off without any problems, and most guests seem to enjoy them. So with proper planning, your beach wedding can be a reality.

Includes getting sand in my shoes, and limited email and telephone consultation.

Starting at R2200 (Monday - Thursday), R2800 (Friday and Saturday), or R3200 (Sundays and public holidays) + travel (see Booking Form for travel costs).

Please note : I am NOT registered with Home Affairs anymore, so I cannot provide a legal marriage certificate.